Monday, November 14, 2005


It was a great day for napping. I slept in the sunshine on my Loft, as my mom calls it. It was nice and quiet at home today, my Humans went out for the whole morning. They usually do this, and I just love the quiet. During the week, Mom brings the little humans to this place called school. I dont think I like the sounds of school. Anyways, Mom comes back home and goes to sleep. I dont sleep on her bed, though I think she would like me to. She put a blanket infront of the window though and I do like to sleep there. The Catnip is there too!

Now that it is night time, it is time to play. I dont think Mom likes to play at night. I tried to play during the day, but I got so sleepy, I just couldnt stay awake.

OK, mom is coming back, so it is time for me to cuddle up and make feet.

Laters, Socks

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