Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Helping Out

One of the little humans brought home a friend one day, a while ago. She said that its name was 'Dizzy'. Dizzy was really fuzzy. Mom wouldn't let me play with the fuzzy Dizzy. But I was allowed to sit outside the gage and keep an eye on it.

So while watching the fuzzy Dizzy one time, I climbed up ontop of the box. Well, it was climbing up the tube thing so I wanted to see if I could catch it. Mom laughed and said that I was helping out with the Hamster sitting. She took my picture.

A few days later the little humans friend came to get the fuzzy Dizzy. I heard the little human say that her friend has a picture of me helping out with the hamster sitting. I like helping out, I hope that the fuzzy Dizzy comes to visit again so I can hamster sit.

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