Friday, March 30, 2007

Mom is talking about Microchips

To tell you the truth, I dont have fond memories of my Microchip....It Hurt!, but I dont know that it is there anymore. Mom says that is how it is supposed to be. She also says that the Microchip will make it possible for me to get back to Mom if I were to get lost. I like that idea. Abby and Blackie have Microchips too.

What has Mom talking is that a place called the Connecticut Humane Society, doesnt scan cats or (yucky)Dogs for chips. Mom says that if a cat like me were to get lost and brought to the Humane Society people, that they wouldnt know that I have a home or a family that loves me!

So, Mom wrote to the people at the Humane Society place and asked them to scan for microchips and they said that they dont scan and are not planning to scan for chips. Mom got mad...Mom can be scary when she gets mad. She wasnt mad at us, but she was mad at the people from the Humane Society. She asked them to consider getting a scanner thingy, and they were just not nice to mom. So Mom wrote another letter early yesterday morning, to a very important person. I jumped into her lap and she only let me stay for a few minutes, she said that she was working on something important. The very important Representative person, thought that it was wrong that the Humane Society people were not scanning and said that she would look into it. Mom was really happy when she read the e-mail thingy.

Mom says that it is very important that they scan so other kitties and puppies can go to their loving home. I wouldnt want to be there and know that I have a Mom and not be able to get back to my Mom. It would make me sad and Mom says that it would make her sad too. I hope that Mom makes them get a scanner thing.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Moms been really busy

so I havent had time to get an update in a little while.

I hope I can remember all the goings on. The last time I wrote, Mom had brought Baby to his new home. Baby is doing so well. He is really at home in his new home. Mom got a note today that he is doing well with his new family, and the other cat and him are getting on well too.

Kabuki is still here. She does well when Mom gives her only her towel, but when she gives her a blanket, Kabuki has accidents. Mom is trying to figure out how to make Kabuki happy and keep her from having accidents

We have had a few new arrivals, most of them only visited for a day. They came when we had a big snow storm. They came so late and it was so snowy out that Mom kept them for the night. We had

Kitty. She is a feral little girl kitty. Mom didnt let us visit with her. She would always hiss when Mom went near.

Autumn and Blossom visited. Autumn is the more white one and Blossom the most orange one. Autumn was really nice but Blossom was a little stressed out and didnt want any company.

This one is Snowy. She had a purr-fect name. She was really nice, and she came out to visit with us while she was here. She stayed for an extra day.

Then Mom brought home Missy.
Missy is a really nice girl. It took her a little while to warm up to everyone here, and she still hisses at us occasionally. Mom says that she looks like Abby, I dont know about that. They are the same colors but Missy is much more slender, and Abby is more compact. I think that they both need a diet though. Missy is going to meet her (hopefully) new Mom this week. We are hoping that she does well, and she gets to have a new home.

Bruno is still with us, but he is not feeling well. Mom says that he has a "bladder stone" whatever that is, and it is giving him a stomach ache. Mom says that he will have to have an operation on Wednesday. I hope that he does well. Mom is worried about him.

Well, that is all for now. I best get back to my nap, before someone steals my spot.

~ Socks

Friday, March 09, 2007

Baby, Kabuki and the cold

Tonight, Mom brought Baby to his new home. She is so very happy that he has gone to his furr-ever home. The couple that adopted him are really nice and she is sure that he is where he will be loved for ever.

On not so great news...Kabuki is back with with us. She is having problems adjusting to life in a home...with litterboxes. Hopefully Mom, the shelter lady and the vet people will figure out what it is that is keeping her from using her box the way she should.

Other than that, Mom says that tonight is the coldest night of the winter, and I believe her. All of us cats are sleeping in the nice warm rooms upstairs or close to the pellet stove thing. Mom has put Nikki's favorite blanket on the couch and a nice fluffy pillow thing on the floor for Duke. I will be going back to my perch on the top of the cat tree as soon as I finish this note.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

mom worries

it has been a couple long days for mom with lots to worry about. Baby was meeting with some people, but he decided that he didnt care for them, so they didnt take him home. Then came the rain...lots and lots of rain. We had water in the basement, and garage and even some dripping into the livingroom...right next to the cat tree! The Horror!

Mom was reading some of the other kitty sites today and I guess there was something big going on. She didnt say what and she didnt leave the computer long enough for me to find out what it was. Mom says that she likes to write about good things and that some humans were not so kind. I think that everyone needs to find a little sunshine, a comfy blanket and take a nap.

Hopefully, the sun will shine today, and we will all get some good cat naps.

Laters all

~ Socks