Monday, January 23, 2006

A cats life for me!

What Cat Are You?

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Socks and Abby had some fun with this, so I thought I would try...I just knew I loved being a cat. I love to be brushed and petted, but hunting down my own food...well that just isnt for me.

~ Blackie

I am Mighty, Hear Me Roar!

What Cat Are You?

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Socks thought that I should take this thing...he thought it might make me feel better about myself. I didnt think that I would be such a big kitty! Wow, I think even Socks is jealous!

~ Abby

(Wonder if Blackie wants to try!)

Watch Out!

What Cat Are You?

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Oh, I just knew I was meant to be big and mean looking!
Stand back and watch me roar!

~ Socks

(I think I will see if Abby wants to try this)

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Mom has been watching programs about big huge things that she called Dinosaurs! They are big and some are scary! I watched a little bit from time to time.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Playing together

I have been playing alot with Blackie the last week. Mom really tries to give us all some time to get kneeded and to play by ourselves. But last night, Mom brought out a toy and Blackie and I played together for a little bit. He is so big, but he isnt to bad.

The humans had other humans over yesterday. Mom brought us all out to meet them. I didnt mind, but I dont think Abby was to happy about the whole thing. Blackie didnt seem to mind to much. The little boy human was so excited that Abby, Blackie and I didnt want to stay on the floor though. He was better today...nice and calm. Mom was extra nice last night and we got lots of treats for being very good. She loves us lots!

Last night I got to watch out the window at the white stuff falling and making the ground all white. I dont care for the white stuff much. Mom took me out after the last storm, the air was warm, but that white stuff is cold. No wonder the Humans put all those big clothes on. I have decided that sleeping on the big fluffy blanket on the little girl humans bed is much nicer.

~ Socks

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

TV is great!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to write to say hello again, Socks and Abby are well, though I havent seen them in a little while. Abby is probably under the bed and Socks is sleeping on a bed somewhere. Anyways, I have Mom all to myself for a while, so I am getting my pets and kneeding.

Mom is cool, she is always bringing home little presents for us, usually little mice. She even likes to watch animals on TV. The other day, she was watching a program and it had these funny black and white birds on it. I had a great time watching them waddle and then they jumped into the water! Mom was amazed that I was watching TV! I like those funny little birds...they seem neat.

I hope that Mom puts the little animals on TV again soon



Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mom insisted on getting us all in one picture...

She tried for days and days...but we didnt want her to catch us all getting along.

~ Socks

Sunday, January 01, 2006


OK, so Mom let the little fluff ball play upstairs for a little bit. She brought the camera, so I can share some pictures with you. This is Jim. Mom had him downstairs because he was sick. We still are not allowed to actually say "hi" to Jim. She said that we could still get sick, I dont like being sick so I stayed away. Mom brought Jim to the little boy Humans room. She shut the door and I could hear a little ball rolling on the floor,, and little kitten paws chasing after. I could hear Mom and the little girl human as well, they were all playing with the little guy. Jim is inquisitive and playful. Mom says that he is part Monkey. She says that Jim likes climbing the sides of his cage and he is quite good at it. Mom says that she wants to change his name to monkey. I think Mom is going to take Jim to his new home tomorrow, and she wanted some "playtime" with him.