Saturday, August 25, 2007

Missing in action

Mom has been busy, and we havent had to much time to, as Mom has been running around like a crazy person. Mom has been helping some sick kitties. She will not let me downstairs. She said it was to dangerous and that we could get sick. Mom has also had a few kittens visit since the last time I was able to write. We had Kitt and Kat
Kitt and Kat are brothers that visited for about two weeks. Kitt is the darker one, he was more outgoing and loves to play. Kat is a little my shy, but just as playful. They were adopted into a really nice home. They have an older kitty that lives with them, and Mom said that they are doing really well in their new home.

We also had a little girl kitty visit, her name was Shannon. Shannon is a beautiful little girl, she was part orange tiger and part gray tiger. She was adopted a week or so ago, by a nice family and her new name is Autumn. The little girl that adopted her was so happy.

And finally this little girl is Bonnie. Mom has really fallen in love with this little girl. Mom has decided that Bonnie is the last addition to our permament family. She is also very playful.

There is so much more that has happened, but I have to act like I am taking a nap...Mom is coming back upstairs from taking care of the sick kitties.

~ Socks