Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mom got this today...

Mom got an e-mail from one of our previous fosters today...

Hi, you might remember me as "Mike," they call me Neo now and I used to room with another kitty friend of mine named "Justin." We left New York for CT in mid April and I now live in Norfolk, CT with two older female cats (who sometimes think I'm OK), and two human types who seem to take pretty good care of me as the food seems to be good and I might have gained about a half of a pound. My biggest compliant though is that I am not allowed outside, unless I am wearing a humiliating harness that isn't very dignified for such a young man such as myself who is used to just running around at will!! I do enjoy looking out the windows, and if a bug happens to get near me look out, as I'll eat him! Otherwise, you can see from these pictures that I'm doing fine and I appreciate your combined efforts to get me to where I am today, which hopefully will be for the balance of my 8 lives, as I know I used one of them up when I was wondering the scary streets of the Bronx last December. Hugs and kisses, Neo

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fluffy Bunny

Mom looked out the window a little while ago and discovered this fluffy bunny in the back yard. Tammi and I had been watching it for a little while. The Bunny was just taking a nap in the shade of the trees, and wasnt bothered by us at all.

Last night there was a really horrible sound outside and we all went to look aout the window. We couldn't see much, but after a little while, the cat that looks like a big version of Duke, went up the road. The cat went behind the yard and the sound happened again. Mom now thinks that the bad sound was a baby bunny.

I dont know what the big cat wanted with the little bunny, but I would just want to say hello to the bunny, give it a good sniff and possibly a bath. But Mom said that the bunny will probably not like that at all. Mom says she will have to put a fence around the little garden that she is growing vegitables, so the bunny doesnt eat them.

~ Socks

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Mom may not be partial to color, but she does love SPOTS! This is Sam, he has been with us for a few weeks now (Mom wouldnt get off the computer for me to post about him) and he is now visiting us upstairs during the day. Sam is a nice guy, and boy, does he love to play! He plays so much, that Mom has to put him downstairs when she goes to sleep, just so she can sleep.
Sam is a well rounded boy, he can cuddle, be lovey, gets along with us cats and humans, and as I, all in one day. Mom likes having Sam here, she will miss him when he goes off to his new home. But we always get more furr-einds to visit.


This gorgeous guy is Hercules. For the most part Mom is not partial to colors, but these orange guys have a special place in her heart. Hercules is a great name for this guy, he has gone through a couple lives so far but he has alot to look forward to from now on. He is so friendly. Mom would open his cage and spend a good while just brushing and giving scritches.

He got trapped under a fence and really hurt his back. You can kinda tell from some of the pictures, that his hair has yet to grow back all the way on his back. Hercules was only visiting for a few days, he is now at another foster-home. He was a nice guy though, and we will miss him.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What Mom found under the Stove

Mom was looking for Dex's new collar, that he was able to get off during the day...this is what she found under the stove instead...

There are 14 mice in that little pile. Mom gave one to Tammy and put the rest away for another day. Mom did find the collar...under the dinning room table.

~ Blackie

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to...US!


Well, Mom says that June 1st is all our birthdays. She says that we are special because we are "rescued" and all our birthdays fall on one day! So Happy Birthday to all my kitty sisters and brothers who share this wonderful day with us!