Monday, September 10, 2007

Kitten War!

Ok, so I am sitting here, pretending to sleep in Moms spot on the sofa, when I got this really cool idea...

Bonnie loves to play sneek attacks on us, I thought that maybe she could play on-line as I put her on Kitten Wars!

Here she is...(you might have to wait for a few, they said that they might have to "acticate" it...just hit the on button and lets get on with it already)

oh, the war-party from the last post got entered to...I just couldnt help myself

~ Socks

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Look what Mom brought home

Mom brought home a new little family and they will be visiting for a little while. So, she took some pictures to share.

This is Mom - Decksie with the littlest kitten, Reily

This is the largest kitten, Sheridan.

This is the only girl kitten, Molly.

Then there are two grey brother kittens, Liam

and Rowan

and finally, here is Reily on his own