Monday, September 10, 2007

Kitten War!

Ok, so I am sitting here, pretending to sleep in Moms spot on the sofa, when I got this really cool idea...

Bonnie loves to play sneek attacks on us, I thought that maybe she could play on-line as I put her on Kitten Wars!

Here she is...(you might have to wait for a few, they said that they might have to "acticate" it...just hit the on button and lets get on with it already)

oh, the war-party from the last post got entered to...I just couldnt help myself

~ Socks


mekurukito said...

ahh!! so cute! i love your site! :D and i love cats too! ^___^

Cheysuli said...

Oh that's cute. I will have to go vote for you against some kittens.

The Meezers said...

awwwwwwwwwww we will haf to go vote!!!

Anonymous said...

uncle_rad was here oooo0 0oooo

Cute cats. We have 3 now, Minerva, Boomer and Furby. All are rescues except Boomer is Minerva's son.

We were up to 12 at one time, 9 were Minerva's kittens, the rest rescues. We've found new homes for all the others.

One, a Russian Blue named cougar, found a new home many states away in Indiana, some pet rescue transporter volunteers (wish I remembered the name) relay delivered him from North Dakota to Indiana, where he owns the house, and has his own web page.

Anyway this got kinda wordy for a comment :P

See ya!!