Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Its hot in here

I just cant find a nice cool place to take a nap

~ Socks

Monday, May 29, 2006

New Pictures!

Thank you all, I woke up from my nap to find that Mom did get the site fixed really fast and it looks better than before. She added new Kitty graphics from here...

I think it looks alot better. Mom is smart about that kind of thing.

We had a good "holiday", I dont know what that is, but the kids were home today, so Blackie, Abby and I tried to keep out from underfoot. Mom was a little upset with me this morning though, I tried to go outside, but the little girl human caught me. I kept a close eye on that door. I am just trying to figure out how to sneak past.

It is really warm here tonight, I am so sleepy, I think it is time for a nap.

~ Socks

Mom broke it

Mom was trying to do something called "updating"...it didnt go so well, and she broke our site. She says she will have it fixed in a day or so. Dont worry, I know mom can do it

~ Socks

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I touched Mom

Really...I did.

Mom was sitting on the couch and I was hungry, so I walked up to her and put my paw on her leg. I also made my little "squeeky" meow and she looked at me. I dont think that she expected me to do that.

Maybe, someday, I will let her touch me.


Friday, May 12, 2006


...the Hu-Moms are alittle slow.

Last night, Mom said that she figured something out. I didnt know what she was talking about, but she told me...She said that when she wasnt feeling good, I come and check on her, sit in her lap or cuddle with her. She said that sometimes she didnt know that she was not going to feel bad, but I did, and was more 'luvvie' with her.

well, I thought to myself, what took you so long!?! I know when Mom is not feeling well, or isnt going to feel well, so I check on her often. I dont like when Mom isnt feeling good. I do love my Mom alot.

~ Socks

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Its me, Blackie again

Thank you everyone. It is nice to know I have lots of friends. I wanted to write a post here to thank everyone for the support...Adoption fairs were definately not something that us kitties made up, thats for sure. It was toooooo stressful, and I am happy to be back at home where I can sleep in the sunshine.

Mom says that I will probably stay with her. I am a "foster-kitty" and Mom thought that I would have found a home by now. She wants to help more kitties, who need homes but she promised the other humans, that she would only have 2 kitties.

I hope that I get to stay too, I think Mom is going to see what happens.

~ Blackie

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Its a Big Bad World Out There

Yesterday, Mom brought the big crate that I came in, into the house. I just knew something was up. She usually puts me in the small crate...

Then today, she put me in the crate, put me in the van and Mom, eldest girl human and I went for a looooooong drive. We went to a place with lots and lots of noisy people...it was horrible. Mom sat with me but I just wanted to go home. Some people came and niced me, Mom talked with them about me, and then the people went away.

Mom says that we are looking for my "forever home" but I like living with Mom, Socks and Abby. This is a nice home with lots of food, water and love. There were some kittens there, they got alot of people to pick them up...

...they seemed to like all the attention. I think it was because they were kittens and didnt know any better. Would you believe that there were 5 kittens in that cage? They were so little, I wanted to say Hi, but they wouldnt let me.

After a little while, and a nap, Mom took me out of the big cage and we went home, I wouldnt go into the carrier. But Mom said that was ok, that she would carry me. We got back into the van and drove home...I went to the litterbox, got a drink and hid from everyone for a while. I am feeling better now though. I hope that Mom doesnt take me to another place like that

~ Blackie

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lost Tooth

Mom discovered yesterday that I had lost one of my long pointy teeth. She was all upset that she hadnt noticed before that it wasnt there. So, she poked and made me show her my teeth a few times last night. And then today she brought me to the vet people again. She said that it wasnt a special trip just a "follow up". (I dont know if I understand "follow up"...I follow her to the kitchen at dinner time and I follow her up on the couch and sit by her. I follow Socks all the time. Oh well.) Oh well, we went to the vet people and they checked in my mouth and the lady there told Mom that my tooth had been missing for a long time. I could have told her that. I dont remember exactly when I lost my tooth, but it wasnt in the last couple of months that I have been living here.

Mom seemed to be relieved a bit. The vet lady says that I have an "acne" on my chin though, and Mom has to wash it every day and put some medicine on it. I am not sure I like the sound of this. Mom has a sneaky way of closing all the doors to the under the bed places and I have to hide in the "cat tree", where she can get me. I am going to have to find a new hiding place.

Well, I have to go, before Mom gets done making dinner for the little humans.


~ Abby