Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lost Tooth

Mom discovered yesterday that I had lost one of my long pointy teeth. She was all upset that she hadnt noticed before that it wasnt there. So, she poked and made me show her my teeth a few times last night. And then today she brought me to the vet people again. She said that it wasnt a special trip just a "follow up". (I dont know if I understand "follow up"...I follow her to the kitchen at dinner time and I follow her up on the couch and sit by her. I follow Socks all the time. Oh well.) Oh well, we went to the vet people and they checked in my mouth and the lady there told Mom that my tooth had been missing for a long time. I could have told her that. I dont remember exactly when I lost my tooth, but it wasnt in the last couple of months that I have been living here.

Mom seemed to be relieved a bit. The vet lady says that I have an "acne" on my chin though, and Mom has to wash it every day and put some medicine on it. I am not sure I like the sound of this. Mom has a sneaky way of closing all the doors to the under the bed places and I have to hide in the "cat tree", where she can get me. I am going to have to find a new hiding place.

Well, I have to go, before Mom gets done making dinner for the little humans.


~ Abby


Derby said...

I had acne too, but not so much now. Mum founded out that plastic bowls keep too much oil on them. So she switched to ceramic, now my chin looks much better.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Too bad about your fang. Funny your mom found it after all this time. Did she put it in a special little box? My mom woulda. That acne stuff doesn't sound like fun. Is is itchy??

Gemini said...

Ewww...washing and medicine! I don't think I'd like that. Georgia had a bit of that and mom did something that her Cornell book of cats recommended because it was all natural and it went right away so hopefully she won't have to wash it for long!

Anonymous said...

too cute I love your site.

Branden, Nubbit.com