Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Funny Kitties

I was laying on the couch next to Mom this evening when she clicked on a new site. She was laughing and so I went to see what was up. She was reading Cats me if you can, it is very funny! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did (and Mom did too)

~ Blackie


Mom heard something out on the porch yesturday night. I heard it too and went to see what it was too. She opened the door and looked outside, with me by her side. Then she turned out the outside light and shut the door....without me coming back inside. I sat for a while, watching the "night life", but I got bored of that and wanted back in. I cried for Mom, and scratched the door. Mom must have heard me because she opened the door almost immediately and let me in. I let her know how I felt though, she tried to pick me up to see if I was alright...and I made mad faces at her. I love her though, so I will be nice to her later.

~ Socks

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pins but no needles

Mom has been working on this stuff she calls "Jewelry" lately. When she is done, she takes pictures of the jewelry. She puts the jewelry onto this black thing she says is made of Styraphom and black felt, that helps her to take the pictures. She uses "pins" to hold the jewelry, to it. Well, I discovered one day, that pins are so interesting. I started taking the pins out and dropping them onto the floor. It was neat, they made a funny sound when I took them out. Well, as you might imagine, Mom was not to happy. She said that I cant take them out anymore. I have tried a couple times, to see if I can catch a pin out, but Mom is pretty careful these days. Oh well, I guess it is back to little mice filled with catnip.

~ Socks

Monday, August 07, 2006

sorry everyone

I am sorry that we havent been able post lately, but it has been purr-fectly nasty hot. Blackie has been trying to stay cool in the bathroom, the floor is nice in there. Abby has been hiding when the little human is about, and I just cant seem to find a cool place to stay that the little human doesnt bother me. Mom and I have a new "thing", she taps the top of the big humans computer chair, I hop up there and she pets and scritches. It is nice, and I know that if I get onto the back of the chair as she is passing, she will stop.

I tried to go out the other day, Mom was not happy at all. She now looks at me when I sit by the door and says "Not a chance, Socks." Oh well, maybe the little human will forget to shut the door.

~ Socks