Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New house...new places to go

I love our new house. I enjoy going into the sunroom and watching all the goings on in the backyard. Mom has put the storm windows down, but she promised that she would put the screens down when it is nice. Mom put the pond in the backyard, we can now watch the fishes, too.

I have a new game. I used to try to get outside, and Mom would always try to get me. Well, now I try to get into the basement. Mom still tries to get me, but I dont think she gets as mad. It isnt like I am going outside, where she says that I could get sick. I kinda like the basement. There are lots of new smells and Mom keeps moving the big boxes, so there is always someplace to explore. Mom also said that with winter coming, that I might even be able to catch a mouse or two. She said that a mouse might come into the basement, and me being a good hunter, I might be able to catch it.

I think that I should probably catch it. Blackie would just play with it, and I think that Abby might eat it (She did have to hunt for most of her life). I would just bring it to Mom. She tells everyone about the bunny that I brought her. I didnt hurt the little bunny, and Mom seemed happy that I brought her such a nice present. She even put it in the little cage for a bit.

Oh well, Abby is sleeping on the couch and I am going to take another nap till Mom goes to sleep. Then Blackie, Abby and I play chase. We have a great time, running up and down the stairs, and around the house. Abby sometimes loses Blackie and I, and she sits and calls to us, but we always get her. Ops, Mom is coming back. Laters

~ Socks