Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bonnie and the tree

How come when I go to see, Mom says I cant...but Bonnie gets to sit under the tree and she gets to play with the fair.

~ Socks

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, October 25, 2007

foot warmer

Mom and I took a nap tonight. She said that I made a really good foot warmer.

~ Bonnie

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

look what Mom found

Now I feel old...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Kitten War!

Ok, so I am sitting here, pretending to sleep in Moms spot on the sofa, when I got this really cool idea...

Bonnie loves to play sneek attacks on us, I thought that maybe she could play on-line as I put her on Kitten Wars!

Here she is...(you might have to wait for a few, they said that they might have to "acticate" it...just hit the on button and lets get on with it already)

oh, the war-party from the last post got entered to...I just couldnt help myself

~ Socks

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Look what Mom brought home

Mom brought home a new little family and they will be visiting for a little while. So, she took some pictures to share.

This is Mom - Decksie with the littlest kitten, Reily

This is the largest kitten, Sheridan.

This is the only girl kitten, Molly.

Then there are two grey brother kittens, Liam

and Rowan

and finally, here is Reily on his own

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Missing in action

Mom has been busy, and we havent had to much time to, as Mom has been running around like a crazy person. Mom has been helping some sick kitties. She will not let me downstairs. She said it was to dangerous and that we could get sick. Mom has also had a few kittens visit since the last time I was able to write. We had Kitt and Kat
Kitt and Kat are brothers that visited for about two weeks. Kitt is the darker one, he was more outgoing and loves to play. Kat is a little my shy, but just as playful. They were adopted into a really nice home. They have an older kitty that lives with them, and Mom said that they are doing really well in their new home.

We also had a little girl kitty visit, her name was Shannon. Shannon is a beautiful little girl, she was part orange tiger and part gray tiger. She was adopted a week or so ago, by a nice family and her new name is Autumn. The little girl that adopted her was so happy.

And finally this little girl is Bonnie. Mom has really fallen in love with this little girl. Mom has decided that Bonnie is the last addition to our permament family. She is also very playful.

There is so much more that has happened, but I have to act like I am taking a nap...Mom is coming back upstairs from taking care of the sick kitties.

~ Socks

Monday, July 02, 2007

Just look what mom brought home

Alright, I know Mom helps out other kitties and sometimes they stay with us. But they are usually our size. This little pint-sized ball of furr, is scary. I know, in the picture, he looks really nice, calm and would be nice to have around. But I gotta tell you, he is scary! At first he was hissing and swatting at us. Now he chases us. He has little sharp teeth and even sharper claws. He also plays almost all the time. Yesterday, he discovered Tammi's little balls of paper, today he discovered MY TAIL!!!

Mom says he will grow, but I am not sure. I hope he does.

~ Socks

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mom got this today...

Mom got an e-mail from one of our previous fosters today...

Hi, you might remember me as "Mike," they call me Neo now and I used to room with another kitty friend of mine named "Justin." We left New York for CT in mid April and I now live in Norfolk, CT with two older female cats (who sometimes think I'm OK), and two human types who seem to take pretty good care of me as the food seems to be good and I might have gained about a half of a pound. My biggest compliant though is that I am not allowed outside, unless I am wearing a humiliating harness that isn't very dignified for such a young man such as myself who is used to just running around at will!! I do enjoy looking out the windows, and if a bug happens to get near me look out, as I'll eat him! Otherwise, you can see from these pictures that I'm doing fine and I appreciate your combined efforts to get me to where I am today, which hopefully will be for the balance of my 8 lives, as I know I used one of them up when I was wondering the scary streets of the Bronx last December. Hugs and kisses, Neo

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fluffy Bunny

Mom looked out the window a little while ago and discovered this fluffy bunny in the back yard. Tammi and I had been watching it for a little while. The Bunny was just taking a nap in the shade of the trees, and wasnt bothered by us at all.

Last night there was a really horrible sound outside and we all went to look aout the window. We couldn't see much, but after a little while, the cat that looks like a big version of Duke, went up the road. The cat went behind the yard and the sound happened again. Mom now thinks that the bad sound was a baby bunny.

I dont know what the big cat wanted with the little bunny, but I would just want to say hello to the bunny, give it a good sniff and possibly a bath. But Mom said that the bunny will probably not like that at all. Mom says she will have to put a fence around the little garden that she is growing vegitables, so the bunny doesnt eat them.

~ Socks

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Mom may not be partial to color, but she does love SPOTS! This is Sam, he has been with us for a few weeks now (Mom wouldnt get off the computer for me to post about him) and he is now visiting us upstairs during the day. Sam is a nice guy, and boy, does he love to play! He plays so much, that Mom has to put him downstairs when she goes to sleep, just so she can sleep.
Sam is a well rounded boy, he can cuddle, be lovey, gets along with us cats and humans, and as I, all in one day. Mom likes having Sam here, she will miss him when he goes off to his new home. But we always get more furr-einds to visit.


This gorgeous guy is Hercules. For the most part Mom is not partial to colors, but these orange guys have a special place in her heart. Hercules is a great name for this guy, he has gone through a couple lives so far but he has alot to look forward to from now on. He is so friendly. Mom would open his cage and spend a good while just brushing and giving scritches.

He got trapped under a fence and really hurt his back. You can kinda tell from some of the pictures, that his hair has yet to grow back all the way on his back. Hercules was only visiting for a few days, he is now at another foster-home. He was a nice guy though, and we will miss him.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What Mom found under the Stove

Mom was looking for Dex's new collar, that he was able to get off during the day...this is what she found under the stove instead...

There are 14 mice in that little pile. Mom gave one to Tammy and put the rest away for another day. Mom did find the collar...under the dinning room table.

~ Blackie

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to...US!


Well, Mom says that June 1st is all our birthdays. She says that we are special because we are "rescued" and all our birthdays fall on one day! So Happy Birthday to all my kitty sisters and brothers who share this wonderful day with us!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great News!

Mom has decided that she wants to keep Dex. Of course, we knew all along that Dex would be staying with us. Sometimes it takes Mom longer to figure things out. Anyways, Dex will be put onto the sidebar as a contributor and will occasionally write on here.

Dex is a really nice boy. Very friendly and not pushy. He loves getting baths and often will come up and push his head under our chins. He is a little scared of big feet, so he often runs when the humans are walking around.Dex loves naping on the "loft", and loves looking out the window. He loves jumping onto the bed or couch to get some love from Mom. I just know that Dex is a great addition to our house.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How to....

...make a cat crazy!

Put a chipmunk just outside the porch.

Seriously, Mom let us have the porch almost all the time now, and we can watch the birds, squirrels...and a chipmunk. She still will not let us out to play with them...though, I have tried.

~ Socks

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tammi Revisited

Poor Tammi, Mom thought for sure that Tammi had found her true home. Tammi had been in her home for almost 3 months, when the lady called to tell the shelter lady that Tammi wasnt fitting in. So the shelter lady got Tammi and brought her back to visit with us for a few days. Tammi remembered us and fit in so well. She will only be here for a couple days, before she goes to another foster, as Mom has too many of us under foot. It was nice to see Tammi again, she is growing up to be a nice cat

Mom has two sick kitties downstairs, so she isnt letting me or the other cats downstairs...well, ok, I have to admit, she isnt letting anyone downstairs because I have figured out how to escape past the humans to the outside when they are not looking. Mom says that I cant go downstairs for a least as long as the sick kitties are down there.

~ Socks

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Arrivals

This past weekend, Mom took all the stuff and "foster cats" to an Adoption Fair thing this past weekend. She took Dex, Oreo, Nikki, Layla and Missy. Missy was going to her new home. Mom said that Layla was going to another foster home, and she brought home Willy instead. Mom said that Willy has been adopted, he just needs to visit for a little while till his Furr-ever home people are able to take him home.



Mom had a bunch of cats come yesterday. Most went to other places, thank goodness, but three stayed. Mom says that 2 of them will have a home soon. So we now have


Garfield is a part Maine Coon, and he is very skinny. Mom says that he should be as big as Blackie, but when she weighted Garfield on the scale thing, it said that Garfield was only 9 pounds! Blackie is 17 pounds. Garfield already has a furr-ever home, and Mom says that he will be here only a few days.


Mom says Justin is a special kind of spotted cat called an Ocicat. I dont know though, Nikki has the same kinds of spots but she isnt "special". Maybe once I get to see him a little better I will see his special spots. Justin is a friendly guy. Mom let him come upstairs for his pictures. He loves attention, Mom got some good pictures.


Mike wasnt so happy when Mom was taking pictures, so she had to take his pictures when he was in his cage. Mom says that Mike had a difficult day and reminds us cats that we need to be nice the first couple days, no matter what the new cats have to say to us. Mike is a nice boy, just a little scared. He has wonderful swirly markings and a white tip to his tail. Mom hopes that he finds his home soon.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Mom is talking about Microchips

To tell you the truth, I dont have fond memories of my Microchip....It Hurt!, but I dont know that it is there anymore. Mom says that is how it is supposed to be. She also says that the Microchip will make it possible for me to get back to Mom if I were to get lost. I like that idea. Abby and Blackie have Microchips too.

What has Mom talking is that a place called the Connecticut Humane Society, doesnt scan cats or (yucky)Dogs for chips. Mom says that if a cat like me were to get lost and brought to the Humane Society people, that they wouldnt know that I have a home or a family that loves me!

So, Mom wrote to the people at the Humane Society place and asked them to scan for microchips and they said that they dont scan and are not planning to scan for chips. Mom got mad...Mom can be scary when she gets mad. She wasnt mad at us, but she was mad at the people from the Humane Society. She asked them to consider getting a scanner thingy, and they were just not nice to mom. So Mom wrote another letter early yesterday morning, to a very important person. I jumped into her lap and she only let me stay for a few minutes, she said that she was working on something important. The very important Representative person, thought that it was wrong that the Humane Society people were not scanning and said that she would look into it. Mom was really happy when she read the e-mail thingy.

Mom says that it is very important that they scan so other kitties and puppies can go to their loving home. I wouldnt want to be there and know that I have a Mom and not be able to get back to my Mom. It would make me sad and Mom says that it would make her sad too. I hope that Mom makes them get a scanner thing.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Moms been really busy

so I havent had time to get an update in a little while.

I hope I can remember all the goings on. The last time I wrote, Mom had brought Baby to his new home. Baby is doing so well. He is really at home in his new home. Mom got a note today that he is doing well with his new family, and the other cat and him are getting on well too.

Kabuki is still here. She does well when Mom gives her only her towel, but when she gives her a blanket, Kabuki has accidents. Mom is trying to figure out how to make Kabuki happy and keep her from having accidents

We have had a few new arrivals, most of them only visited for a day. They came when we had a big snow storm. They came so late and it was so snowy out that Mom kept them for the night. We had

Kitty. She is a feral little girl kitty. Mom didnt let us visit with her. She would always hiss when Mom went near.

Autumn and Blossom visited. Autumn is the more white one and Blossom the most orange one. Autumn was really nice but Blossom was a little stressed out and didnt want any company.

This one is Snowy. She had a purr-fect name. She was really nice, and she came out to visit with us while she was here. She stayed for an extra day.

Then Mom brought home Missy.
Missy is a really nice girl. It took her a little while to warm up to everyone here, and she still hisses at us occasionally. Mom says that she looks like Abby, I dont know about that. They are the same colors but Missy is much more slender, and Abby is more compact. I think that they both need a diet though. Missy is going to meet her (hopefully) new Mom this week. We are hoping that she does well, and she gets to have a new home.

Bruno is still with us, but he is not feeling well. Mom says that he has a "bladder stone" whatever that is, and it is giving him a stomach ache. Mom says that he will have to have an operation on Wednesday. I hope that he does well. Mom is worried about him.

Well, that is all for now. I best get back to my nap, before someone steals my spot.

~ Socks