Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great News!

Mom has decided that she wants to keep Dex. Of course, we knew all along that Dex would be staying with us. Sometimes it takes Mom longer to figure things out. Anyways, Dex will be put onto the sidebar as a contributor and will occasionally write on here.

Dex is a really nice boy. Very friendly and not pushy. He loves getting baths and often will come up and push his head under our chins. He is a little scared of big feet, so he often runs when the humans are walking around.Dex loves naping on the "loft", and loves looking out the window. He loves jumping onto the bed or couch to get some love from Mom. I just know that Dex is a great addition to our house.


Cheysuli said...

Welcome Dex. We're glad you found your forever home. You are quite the handsome cat.

The Meezers said...