Monday, January 29, 2007

Mom Says it is Spam

I got this loverly note today on the e-mail thingy


I am Fluffy ... A Kitten's Guide to Nigerian Tuna Spam
Lagos Cat Pound,

Dear Friend,

I am Fluffy, the favourite kitten of the late president of Nigeria. As you know my late master was very very rich man and he left me all his tuna. But, as kitten, I not allowed to have fridge of my own.

My good friend, there are many many fishes and without more fridges tuna go bad. I eat as many as I can but I small kitten and much sick. So I write you, my very good friend, as your name well known in Nigeria as godly person with many fridges.

If you help store my tuna I give you 20% (TWENTY AMERICAN PER CENTS) of each fish - including heads.

Please be writing back soon. Weather hot and there are many bad cats looking with the eyes at my fishes.

Your good friend,



Mom says that I cant send this kitten money, she said that she gets these all the time and that they are SPAM...I dont know what that is, but I dont think I would like it.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

A couple busy weeks

The last two weeks have been a little busy here. Mom has been looking after a few extra kitties again. A couple have gone to their new homes or foster homes, but we still have three kitties here that were not here the last time I wrote.

First there was...
Bernie. He only stayed for a night, before going to his new home. He was quite a talker, I think that he talked for about 3 hours when he first arrived.

Then, we had...
Klink. He was really nice, and Mom let us play together a little. He was with us about a week. Mom says that he was a nice boy and that he would find a good home someday. He is at his new foster mom's, and she might keep him.

Next is...
Dexter. Mom says that Dex is not well. She said that Dex was really thin and he had a bad cold. Mom took Dex to the vet though and he is doing better. Dex is really scared, so mom will have to "work" with Dex so that he can someday go to his new furr-ever home. Bernie and Klink have gone to their new foster homes, but Dex is still here.

And a couple days ago Mom brought home...
Nichole. She is a little girl kitty, and a little timid. Mom says that she will do well when she has some time with humans and knows that humans are ok to be with. Nichole loves to play with a little ball of paper. She should have been here over Christmas, when we had all the paper balls around.

Nichole came to our house with her friend...
Oreo. He is a nice boy. He doesnt play as much as Nichole, but he is very freindly, and loves to nap in nice warm spots. Nichole and Oreo are really good friends. They stay in the same cage together and spend all their time together. We are hoping that Nichole and Oreo will get adopted together.

About a week ago, Dex bit Mom on her hand. Mom was really worried, she thought that she might have to go to the hospital. But the human vet made her all better. Dex is doing well now too. Mom says that they are getting better together.

So, that is the scoop from here

~ Socks

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Mom took Bruno and JJ with her this morning. She also took the two cage things. When she came home she was a little sad, but she said that JJ has a good home and that was important. Mom really does love all of us alot, even the ones that visit for a few days. JJ was a nice boy and though Mom didnt let us play alot, he seemed really great. I have spent alot of time with Mom today, just sitting in her lap and letting her nice me. Blackie is still a little put off by Mom shutting her bedroom door, and letting JJ upstairs, but I know that he will be fine. Abby has gone in and made sure that her hiding places are still there. Things are getting back to normal, I think I will keep close to Mom for the next day or so, to make sure she is ok.

Mom said that the little boy human is not feeling well, he spent all day in his pajamas and he wasnt his normal running around self. Mom says that he will have to stay home tomorrow and sleep and get better. I know that Blackie is happy that he is not running around, but I think even Blackie is worried that the little boy human isnt well. Well, I think Mom is going to turn off the computer soon, so I better go

~ Socks

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jimbo aka JJ

Well, you probably guessed it, Mom brought home another furry. His name is least that is what Mom is calling him. JJ is very interesting; he isnt black and white like Blackie, Duke and I; he doesnt have stripes like Bruno; He Has SPOTS! Mom is so excited. Ever since Mom went to the "CatShow" she has loved Tux kitties and Spotted kitties. I dont know what is so important, I have some spots, and lately I have been trying to remind Mom that they exist. I have the under the chin spot, the tummy spot, and the behind the ear spot, and I loved to be scritched in all of them.

Oh well, back to JJ. Mom says that he is "just visiting" like the other kitties that we have had here lately. That is probably good, as Mom really has been toooooo nice to JJ. She has been spending alot of time with him. I think I am jealous...I will let her know when she sits down, that I am still the Main Kitty here (not to be confused with Blackie who is a Maine Coon kitty)Mom says that JJ will be going to the "adoption" thingy this weekend, and that JJ might be going to his new furr-ever home, or he will be going to another foster home. Mom says that JJ is FIV-, so she cant really let him out to play, unless she is watching us alot. And Blackie doesnt think that Mom should bring any other kitties into the house. I think Blackie is worried that he will not get his share of the scritches. Mom has not been leaving the computer unattended a whole lot lately, so I will have to try to get back here soon.

~ Socks

Monday, January 01, 2007

Jim the monkey

OK, so Mom let the little fluff ball play upstairs for a little bit. She brought the camera, so I can share some pictures with you. This is Jim. Mom had him downstairs because he was sick. We still are not allowed to actually say "hi" to Jim. She said that we could still get sick, I dont like being sick so I stayed away. Mom brought Jim to the little boy Humans room. She shut the door and I could hear a little ball rolling on the floor,, and little kitten paws chasing after. I could hear Mom and the little girl human as well, they were all playing with the little guy. Jim is inquisitive and playful. Mom says that he is part Monkey. She says that Jim likes climbing the sides of his cage and he is quite good at it. Mom says that she wants to change his name to monkey. I think Mom is going to take Jim to his new home tomorrow, and she wanted some "playtime" with him.