Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jimbo aka JJ

Well, you probably guessed it, Mom brought home another furry. His name is least that is what Mom is calling him. JJ is very interesting; he isnt black and white like Blackie, Duke and I; he doesnt have stripes like Bruno; He Has SPOTS! Mom is so excited. Ever since Mom went to the "CatShow" she has loved Tux kitties and Spotted kitties. I dont know what is so important, I have some spots, and lately I have been trying to remind Mom that they exist. I have the under the chin spot, the tummy spot, and the behind the ear spot, and I loved to be scritched in all of them.

Oh well, back to JJ. Mom says that he is "just visiting" like the other kitties that we have had here lately. That is probably good, as Mom really has been toooooo nice to JJ. She has been spending alot of time with him. I think I am jealous...I will let her know when she sits down, that I am still the Main Kitty here (not to be confused with Blackie who is a Maine Coon kitty)Mom says that JJ will be going to the "adoption" thingy this weekend, and that JJ might be going to his new furr-ever home, or he will be going to another foster home. Mom says that JJ is FIV-, so she cant really let him out to play, unless she is watching us alot. And Blackie doesnt think that Mom should bring any other kitties into the house. I think Blackie is worried that he will not get his share of the scritches. Mom has not been leaving the computer unattended a whole lot lately, so I will have to try to get back here soon.

~ Socks


The Meezers said...

JJ is a furry purrty kitty. We hopes that he finds a great furefurr home!

Cheysuli said...

He's quite handsome. I hope he finds a wonderful forever home.