Saturday, January 13, 2007


Mom took Bruno and JJ with her this morning. She also took the two cage things. When she came home she was a little sad, but she said that JJ has a good home and that was important. Mom really does love all of us alot, even the ones that visit for a few days. JJ was a nice boy and though Mom didnt let us play alot, he seemed really great. I have spent alot of time with Mom today, just sitting in her lap and letting her nice me. Blackie is still a little put off by Mom shutting her bedroom door, and letting JJ upstairs, but I know that he will be fine. Abby has gone in and made sure that her hiding places are still there. Things are getting back to normal, I think I will keep close to Mom for the next day or so, to make sure she is ok.

Mom said that the little boy human is not feeling well, he spent all day in his pajamas and he wasnt his normal running around self. Mom says that he will have to stay home tomorrow and sleep and get better. I know that Blackie is happy that he is not running around, but I think even Blackie is worried that the little boy human isnt well. Well, I think Mom is going to turn off the computer soon, so I better go

~ Socks


Gemini said...

Oh we hopes that efurryone feels better soon!

Justin said...

How is the little human boy? And hey, what news about JJ?? he was a gud boy lets hope he is staying fit n fine in his new home.

One of us said...

We always worry when Kinsey Kitten is not her usual rambuncious self ~Merlin, Shadow, ko ko