Saturday, January 27, 2007

A couple busy weeks

The last two weeks have been a little busy here. Mom has been looking after a few extra kitties again. A couple have gone to their new homes or foster homes, but we still have three kitties here that were not here the last time I wrote.

First there was...
Bernie. He only stayed for a night, before going to his new home. He was quite a talker, I think that he talked for about 3 hours when he first arrived.

Then, we had...
Klink. He was really nice, and Mom let us play together a little. He was with us about a week. Mom says that he was a nice boy and that he would find a good home someday. He is at his new foster mom's, and she might keep him.

Next is...
Dexter. Mom says that Dex is not well. She said that Dex was really thin and he had a bad cold. Mom took Dex to the vet though and he is doing better. Dex is really scared, so mom will have to "work" with Dex so that he can someday go to his new furr-ever home. Bernie and Klink have gone to their new foster homes, but Dex is still here.

And a couple days ago Mom brought home...
Nichole. She is a little girl kitty, and a little timid. Mom says that she will do well when she has some time with humans and knows that humans are ok to be with. Nichole loves to play with a little ball of paper. She should have been here over Christmas, when we had all the paper balls around.

Nichole came to our house with her friend...
Oreo. He is a nice boy. He doesnt play as much as Nichole, but he is very freindly, and loves to nap in nice warm spots. Nichole and Oreo are really good friends. They stay in the same cage together and spend all their time together. We are hoping that Nichole and Oreo will get adopted together.

About a week ago, Dex bit Mom on her hand. Mom was really worried, she thought that she might have to go to the hospital. But the human vet made her all better. Dex is doing well now too. Mom says that they are getting better together.

So, that is the scoop from here

~ Socks

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