Saturday, March 25, 2006


My Hu-Mom took me to the place she called the "pet store". I didnt know what to expect, but because she put me in the sleeping bag and in the "Carrier", I knew it couldnt be good. She petted me and told me she loved me and that I was a good kitty.

When it was our turn, a lady took some buzzing things and then some wet stuff and finally an ouchy. Mom said that I was getting a "Micro-Chip". I dont know what that is but I am pretty sure I dont like it. Mom said that she was worried that if I went outside, I might get lost. She said that if someone found me and didnt know where I lived, they might not be able to bring me home.

The lady who gave me the micro-chip didnt seem to understand why mom wanted me to get it, as I don't go outside. Mom said that the door was always opening with the little humans going inside and outside and she was worried that I might escape some day. I think it might have had something to do with the loud noise that Mom made (Two posts down). She started talking about the Micro-chip thing after that.

It doesnt hurt anymore, and Mom said that I was a brave girl, and I didnt even move a muscle when they put the micro-chip in. She even bought me 3 of my favorite little toy mice. I just hid in my sleeping bag, and prayed that mom would bring me home so I could hide under the bed.

~ Abby

Monday, March 20, 2006

Plea for homeless kitties

(picture links to more photos of Blackie, please feel free to drop by and take a look)

This past week marked Blackies 3rd month in our home. Like so many other homeless and foster kitties, he is a wonderful cat that deserves a good home. I know that the 'friends' that Socks, Abby and Blackie have, through this blog and through our real life, know of the needs of my favorite furry foster friend and other homeless kitties. I can only hope that someone new who is visiting for the first time will see this site, and will consider adding Blackie, or another wonderful kitty to their home.

Normally Socks, Abby or Blackie add to the posts here, but today, their Hu-Mom is posting. It makes me so sad to visit sites like Pet Finder and Mary's Kitty Korner (where Blackie is prominently listed) and see so many loving, adorable, beautiful, purring, sweet and (did I say) Loving? kitties.

Please, Please, Please consider making a homeless kitty an addition to your home. You will never regret it, they have so much love to give.

Socks, Abby, and Blackies Hu-Mom
~ Dawn

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Whats that Noise!?!?!

Mom did something awful today. She was cooking the human food and it got a little smoky in the house. She opened the window and turned up the fan that is on the ceiling. But after a few minutes...This horrid noise started!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to go into the bedroom, but the noise just followed me. Mom picked me up and put me in the bathroom, the noise wasnt so bad in there. She also tried to put Blackie in the bathroom too, but he was to scared. Abby just stayed under the bed. After a few minutes the noise stopped, but I was not sure where it came from so I didnt want to venture out right away. Blackie didnt either. And Mom held Abby for a while so that she was calmed down.

I hope that Mom doesnt make the noise come back, it was really scary

~ Socks

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patrick's Day!