Monday, March 20, 2006

Plea for homeless kitties

(picture links to more photos of Blackie, please feel free to drop by and take a look)

This past week marked Blackies 3rd month in our home. Like so many other homeless and foster kitties, he is a wonderful cat that deserves a good home. I know that the 'friends' that Socks, Abby and Blackie have, through this blog and through our real life, know of the needs of my favorite furry foster friend and other homeless kitties. I can only hope that someone new who is visiting for the first time will see this site, and will consider adding Blackie, or another wonderful kitty to their home.

Normally Socks, Abby or Blackie add to the posts here, but today, their Hu-Mom is posting. It makes me so sad to visit sites like Pet Finder and Mary's Kitty Korner (where Blackie is prominently listed) and see so many loving, adorable, beautiful, purring, sweet and (did I say) Loving? kitties.

Please, Please, Please consider making a homeless kitty an addition to your home. You will never regret it, they have so much love to give.

Socks, Abby, and Blackies Hu-Mom
~ Dawn


Bonnie said...

I always intend to adopt a shelter cat. Unfortunately, I think many of us who intend that have some sort of radar and cats show up on our doorstep! Gemini certainly did (almost literally) and she did so the day after I had lost my beloved Siamese, Simone. What timing.

Most of my cats have been that way. Simone was a purebred lilac point. I told people at my vet that after my last cat, I'd like a Siamese mix as they seemed to live so long. A week later a woman showed up with Simone, who needed a home because her humans were getting a divorce. She was six but we had 10 wonderful years together.

pandora and charlie said...

Mama tooked me in from a foster home after I was found by a road. I was very ickle and scareded of the big fast metal things. She gived me a good home.


Mama 'dopted me after all the offers of homes for my fluffie mama's kittens disappeared and they had to find another home. Mama's mama took my litter brother and sister.


We both love our forever home :-)

Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

Thank you both!

Bonnie, though your cats found their way to you, you have definately saved them. Sooner or later they would have ended up in the shelter. You saved them the step. I am sure that they show you each and every day, that they love you and care for you.

Pandora and Charlie. I am so happy for you. You definately sound like you have found a wonderful home and I hope that you have many wonderful years with your Hu-Mom.

I watch programs on Animal Planet and I am so sad to see so many kitties and puppies that need love and care. We need to find more wonderful homes for such wonderful furr-babies