Sunday, March 19, 2006

Whats that Noise!?!?!

Mom did something awful today. She was cooking the human food and it got a little smoky in the house. She opened the window and turned up the fan that is on the ceiling. But after a few minutes...This horrid noise started!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to go into the bedroom, but the noise just followed me. Mom picked me up and put me in the bathroom, the noise wasnt so bad in there. She also tried to put Blackie in the bathroom too, but he was to scared. Abby just stayed under the bed. After a few minutes the noise stopped, but I was not sure where it came from so I didnt want to venture out right away. Blackie didnt either. And Mom held Abby for a while so that she was calmed down.

I hope that Mom doesnt make the noise come back, it was really scary

~ Socks

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