Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pins but no needles

Mom has been working on this stuff she calls "Jewelry" lately. When she is done, she takes pictures of the jewelry. She puts the jewelry onto this black thing she says is made of Styraphom and black felt, that helps her to take the pictures. She uses "pins" to hold the jewelry, to it. Well, I discovered one day, that pins are so interesting. I started taking the pins out and dropping them onto the floor. It was neat, they made a funny sound when I took them out. Well, as you might imagine, Mom was not to happy. She said that I cant take them out anymore. I have tried a couple times, to see if I can catch a pin out, but Mom is pretty careful these days. Oh well, I guess it is back to little mice filled with catnip.

~ Socks


The Meezers said...

sounds like a fun game that you had there. too bad the mom spoiled it.

Gemini said...

Sometimes when Momma gives herself or the Almost Dad an acupuncture treatment, I like to come and pull those pins out. It's furry fun but she gets kinda mad.

Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

thats alright, I have tried to play when she isnt looking. She made this board with pins in it, and her "Jewelry" on it, The pins are not that far in and I try to take them out when she isnt looking...she seems to catch me all the time though. Oh well.

~ Socks