Monday, January 16, 2006

Playing together

I have been playing alot with Blackie the last week. Mom really tries to give us all some time to get kneeded and to play by ourselves. But last night, Mom brought out a toy and Blackie and I played together for a little bit. He is so big, but he isnt to bad.

The humans had other humans over yesterday. Mom brought us all out to meet them. I didnt mind, but I dont think Abby was to happy about the whole thing. Blackie didnt seem to mind to much. The little boy human was so excited that Abby, Blackie and I didnt want to stay on the floor though. He was better today...nice and calm. Mom was extra nice last night and we got lots of treats for being very good. She loves us lots!

Last night I got to watch out the window at the white stuff falling and making the ground all white. I dont care for the white stuff much. Mom took me out after the last storm, the air was warm, but that white stuff is cold. No wonder the Humans put all those big clothes on. I have decided that sleeping on the big fluffy blanket on the little girl humans bed is much nicer.

~ Socks

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