Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Moms away...the cats will play

Mom went on a trip yesturday. I was concerned when she left, because she had this big thing that she put clothes in and she took her pillow! Mom never goes anywhere for a long time without her pillow. She told me to be nice to Abby...I am being good, she would be so happy with me. I even let Abby sleep on the little girls bed! I miss Mom though. She always makes my food and pets me and plays with me. I hope that she comes back soon...but they keep saying that someone is really sick and Mom needs to help take care of him. Oh well...I just want Mom back.

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MC the pirate dude said...

Pssssst! Socks! This is your cousin MC. Hey bud, don worry none about your HuMom. She'll come back even if she did take her pillow (not like those 'others') ... she wouldn't have left the little girl and little boy and the big man behind.

Be careful to explain to Abby that she will come back. I'll bet anything that Abby is afraid because she doesn't know your HuMom very well yet. Besides, I know from my sister Visa that girl cats are soooooo scaredy. Visa gets frightened by every little thing. Me? I'm Brave!

Your friend, MC