Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Castle

ah, Mom loves me! I know she does. She plays with me at night, she brushes me, and she made me my castle! So, one day a little while ago, Mom started bringing some strange smelling stuff into the house. First, there was some stuff that looked like the floor, then there were some boxes that smelled like bananas, and finally some wood. First Mom put some of the floor stuff on the boxes. I tried to help out as much as I could.

That is me, checking out the inside of the boxes.

and here is me helping out with the measuring thing.

So, first she put the floor stuff, onto the inside and the outside of the boxes. I had lots of fun inside the box. I could make feet all over the place. And the top, well, that was the best place to take a nap!

It was a little bit till Mom worked on the 'castle' again. But when she did, she really made alot of noise with the hammer thing. First she made some 'steps'.

I watched, but Mom wouldn't let me get to close. She said that I could get hurt.

and more steps...

and finally she put the box with the floor stuff on top! Wow, this was the greatest. I really loved it!

The little human decided that he had to have his picture taken too. It took another day, but Mom put some carpet onto the steps, and now I have the most awesome castle. Mom calls the top my Loft. The little humans arnt supposed to bother me while I am sleeping there, but they do sometimes. The Loft sits in the sun in the afternoon, and I love to take my naps there.

My Mom is Great!


StarWarrior Rie said...

What a marvelous castle. Socks, you are one lucky cat!


Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

Yeah, I like to sit up in the loft and watch out the window! And it is a great place to nap in the sunshine. I'm not to happy about Abby sleeping inside the castle though.