Thursday, February 08, 2007


Mom says that she is doing good work. I know that she is really nice. Mom takes in kitties that need new homes and tries to love them till they find new homes. I know that Mom is great, she gives us everything we could ever want (though more catnip would be nice) and she shares that with other kitties. Mom had a little girl kitty named ZuZu this week.ZuZu was almost all white with tan ears and a ringed tail like a tabby. She was nice, but a little scared when I first met her, as Mom had just given her a bath, but later she was just sitting on the couch and I got to say hello. ZuZu didnt stay long, as she was going to her forever home that day. Mom says that we are special cats, but she says that it is amazing the most wonderful cats come out of horrible situations.

Mom brought home Tammi today, from the vet. Mom says that it is picture day tomorrow for Tammi, so I will have pictures for everyone to see soon.


The Meezers said...

ZuZu looks like a furry nice kitty!

Gemini said...

ZuZu looks so lovely!

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