Monday, February 26, 2007

Newest Arrivals

A couple new cats are here, so I thought I would take a few minutes to introduce them.

First, we have Baby. Mom says that Baby is only visiting for a couple days before he goes to his furr-ever home. He is a big boy, like me and all black. Mom says that they say he is a bombay/mix. He is handsome and very nice. But Mom said that he was in a foster-home where the other cats beat up on him. He is doing a good job and I know he will have a great home.

This one is yes, we have Oreo Cookies (The little humans think that is funny) Cookie is a nice kitty, but Mom worries about him. He came in and was really scared, he wouldnt let Mom pet him at all and hissed at her. Last night Cookie seemed a little weird. He was licking his back, jumping around the cage and running up to the bars like he was going to bite them. Mom will have to see how he is now.

This one came in with a horrible was Weasel. How could you name a cat that. Mom calls him Wittle One, but the shelter lady thought that Willy would be better, she is probably right. Anyways, Widdle One is a really friendly kitty. He just loves attention and will even roll over so you can pet his tummy. Mom really likes him alot and I am sure he will find a good home really soon.

Mom is still waiting for her Spotted Kitty, she calls it an Ocicat. His name is Justin and she really wants to help him. I hope that he comes to our house soon. Well, I have to go now, before Mom catches me playing with the keyboard.

~ Socks

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Say hello to yer new fostie buddies for us at Poiland ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO