Friday, February 16, 2007

Mom's been busy

Wow, today Mom was really busy.

Well, I suppose I should start off with yesterdays news...Tammi is at her new home! Mom said that Tammi is at the same home with Little Jim, and she said that Little Jim isnt so little any more. (I am putting a picture of Tammi and one of Little Jim so you all can see)

~~~~~~~~~~Jim~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~Tammi~~~~~~~~

Mom was a little sad, she liked Tammi, but she was also very happy that Tammi and Jim now have such a good home.

Anyways, Mom left the house really early today, she was going to go get "DinDin". Mom said that DinDin was a very good cow and that he was behaving so well in the freezer. I think that Mom was joking. She brought home a bunch of little packages with writting on them, and she put them in the new cold white box. She said that was the freezer. All I know is that Blackie likes to nap on the big white box, bacause he has so much fur and wants a cool place to sleep.

Mom sat for a little bit before she went out again. This time she went to get our food. She said that we were going to try a new food. I dont know about that it looks the same as before, though it does taste a little better. She said that it came from the same store as the other food, it was just in a different bag. Oreo and Nikki like this food. We are used to the "Innova" so it isnt to bad.

Mom got back with the food and the two little humans and then she went off again. This time she came back with the big bags of stuff that she puts into the fire thing. She calls the fire thing is a "Pellet Stove", I dont care what you call it, it makes the rug and the cat tree nice and warm. Mom took all sorts of these bags out of the car.

Mom then made the humans dinner. They had some really yummy fish. Mom always shares a little bit with us if we want to try. She says that we cant have to much, as she doesnt want to upset our tummies. We got to try some and then we all went to lay down. Mom took her blankets and took a catnap on the couch. Duke and I made our visits, as did Blackie. Mom was really tired, she barely woke up when I checked on her. I give Mom a little nip on her nose to let her know that I am thinking of her. She doesnt mind, she says that it is kinda cute.

Mom is now resting, and I hope that it is a quiet day tomorrow.

~ Socks

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Cheysuli said...

I like the new look on your blog! Good work--another thing to keep everyone busy.