Monday, February 26, 2007

Newest Arrivals

A couple new cats are here, so I thought I would take a few minutes to introduce them.

First, we have Baby. Mom says that Baby is only visiting for a couple days before he goes to his furr-ever home. He is a big boy, like me and all black. Mom says that they say he is a bombay/mix. He is handsome and very nice. But Mom said that he was in a foster-home where the other cats beat up on him. He is doing a good job and I know he will have a great home.

This one is yes, we have Oreo Cookies (The little humans think that is funny) Cookie is a nice kitty, but Mom worries about him. He came in and was really scared, he wouldnt let Mom pet him at all and hissed at her. Last night Cookie seemed a little weird. He was licking his back, jumping around the cage and running up to the bars like he was going to bite them. Mom will have to see how he is now.

This one came in with a horrible was Weasel. How could you name a cat that. Mom calls him Wittle One, but the shelter lady thought that Willy would be better, she is probably right. Anyways, Widdle One is a really friendly kitty. He just loves attention and will even roll over so you can pet his tummy. Mom really likes him alot and I am sure he will find a good home really soon.

Mom is still waiting for her Spotted Kitty, she calls it an Ocicat. His name is Justin and she really wants to help him. I hope that he comes to our house soon. Well, I have to go now, before Mom catches me playing with the keyboard.

~ Socks

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dex and Oreo

Mom is so happy. She brought Dex upstairs for some "socialization"...basically, she spends a few hours with a kitty in her lap, and she gets to listen to it purr. She really likes this part of the "job", she thinks it is great to hold us kitties. But today...things didnt go how Mom expected.

You see, Mom started off with Dex in her lap, but after a little bit Dex decided to visit with Oreo on the other side of the couch. Oreo thinks that all his furr-iends need baths, so he gave one to Dex. Dex didnt seem to mind, actually he was making the little happy, chirping sounds and even fell asleep next to Oreo.

Mom also got a few new pictures of Oreo at the same time, and I think she would want me to share one of them with you.

Monday, February 19, 2007

a piano?

Mom was watching this...

...and said that she should get us a piano. I am not to sure about this idea

~ Socks

Friday, February 16, 2007

Mom's been busy

Wow, today Mom was really busy.

Well, I suppose I should start off with yesterdays news...Tammi is at her new home! Mom said that Tammi is at the same home with Little Jim, and she said that Little Jim isnt so little any more. (I am putting a picture of Tammi and one of Little Jim so you all can see)

~~~~~~~~~~Jim~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~Tammi~~~~~~~~

Mom was a little sad, she liked Tammi, but she was also very happy that Tammi and Jim now have such a good home.

Anyways, Mom left the house really early today, she was going to go get "DinDin". Mom said that DinDin was a very good cow and that he was behaving so well in the freezer. I think that Mom was joking. She brought home a bunch of little packages with writting on them, and she put them in the new cold white box. She said that was the freezer. All I know is that Blackie likes to nap on the big white box, bacause he has so much fur and wants a cool place to sleep.

Mom sat for a little bit before she went out again. This time she went to get our food. She said that we were going to try a new food. I dont know about that it looks the same as before, though it does taste a little better. She said that it came from the same store as the other food, it was just in a different bag. Oreo and Nikki like this food. We are used to the "Innova" so it isnt to bad.

Mom got back with the food and the two little humans and then she went off again. This time she came back with the big bags of stuff that she puts into the fire thing. She calls the fire thing is a "Pellet Stove", I dont care what you call it, it makes the rug and the cat tree nice and warm. Mom took all sorts of these bags out of the car.

Mom then made the humans dinner. They had some really yummy fish. Mom always shares a little bit with us if we want to try. She says that we cant have to much, as she doesnt want to upset our tummies. We got to try some and then we all went to lay down. Mom took her blankets and took a catnap on the couch. Duke and I made our visits, as did Blackie. Mom was really tired, she barely woke up when I checked on her. I give Mom a little nip on her nose to let her know that I am thinking of her. She doesnt mind, she says that it is kinda cute.

Mom is now resting, and I hope that it is a quiet day tomorrow.

~ Socks

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I know it has been a while since I have posted, but Mom has not left the computer alone for a while...and I am always afraid that she is going to return to suddenly and I will not have a chance to get away. Anyways...

Socks asked if I could tell you all about Tammi. Socks is enjoying the little girl humans bed, now that Duke has decided that he can explore the rest of the house. so...
this is Tammi. She is a nice, friendly little girl. Mom kept her here after she had her "operation". She is 8 months old and Mom said that the operation was to fix her. I dont know, she didnt look like she was broken, but what do I know. I like Tammi, she reminds me of my little kittens, I know that they are older by now but I imagine that they would be like her.

Oh well. Mom says that Tammi is going to have a good home soon, lots of people liked Tammi at the Adoption fair thing that mom went to last weekend. I think that she will be a good girl for someone nice.

On other news, Duke has decided that the house isnt as scary as it used to be, he is now exploring the house and sleeping in some of my favorite spots...I have to teach him not to sleep in my spots. Any Mom has opened up the little boy humans room again, the little girl kittie that is in there is no longer "contagious"...Mom says that she cant make us sick anymore. Mom says that Kubuki cant come out of the cage yet though, because she doesnt always use the litter box. I hope that she gets smelly when you dont. And Mom says that it might keep her from getting a good home.

Well, I had better go before Mom catches me here

~ Abby

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Mom says that she is doing good work. I know that she is really nice. Mom takes in kitties that need new homes and tries to love them till they find new homes. I know that Mom is great, she gives us everything we could ever want (though more catnip would be nice) and she shares that with other kitties. Mom had a little girl kitty named ZuZu this week.ZuZu was almost all white with tan ears and a ringed tail like a tabby. She was nice, but a little scared when I first met her, as Mom had just given her a bath, but later she was just sitting on the couch and I got to say hello. ZuZu didnt stay long, as she was going to her forever home that day. Mom says that we are special cats, but she says that it is amazing the most wonderful cats come out of horrible situations.

Mom brought home Tammi today, from the vet. Mom says that it is picture day tomorrow for Tammi, so I will have pictures for everyone to see soon.