Friday, November 17, 2006

"new" foster kitty?!?!

What, another one?

what happened to the last one? Blackie is still here, Mom says that he is ours now. I think that Blackie is actually hers, she certainly didnt ask me about this. And now she wants to bring another foster kitty in?!?

Well, here is what happened...

Mom has been watching way to much of that Animal Planet thing on TV. She watched as "poor little iddies" were mistreated, abused and living in horrible places. She has been saying that she thought that she wants to help another kitty. But Dad said that he didnt think it was a good idea.

Well, two days ago, Mom got an e-mail thingy, from the shelter that Blackie came from. There is a little boy kitty named Duke, and he has FIV, and he needs a home. They told Mom that he was saved from going to heaven. And Mom said that she would help. Mom says that Duke will not be adopted (she said to me that Duke was only visiting) and that he would have to find a new home. I am not sure I believe her, as Blackie was only visiting, and now he is ours, she says.

Mom went to the pet store though, and she is going to do "Adoption Fair" thing at the pet store with another HuMom who has 5 foster kitties, and a bunch of kittens!

Well, Mom is a nice HuMom, I hope that Duke will find a nice home.

On the Mouse front...we havent caught it yet. But I know it is in there. Mom opens all the cabinets for me to watch at night. I lay in front of the cabinets and keep an eye out. I havent caught the little critter yet...but it is only time

~ Socks


Gemini said...

Oh Duke is furry lucky that you are fostering him.

Hot(M)BC said...

Yeah, Duke is furry lucky your Mom is fostering him. And you're furry nice to put up with it.
Boni Maroni