Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bruno ~ Foster Kitty

Oh, I just dont know what Mom is thinking. She brought home Bruno, and he is staying in the basement. He seems to be a nice kitty, though he does cry alot. Mom thinks that he wants more company, but she also says that Bruno will not be able to play until he stops being mean. He bit Mom 4 times! Mom says that he is just not used to all the new things in the house. And Blackie just doesnt want anything to do with him.

I have been to visit him a many times, Mom says it is ok. Bruno is in a "cage", it is a metal thing that keeps Bruno in. He has a blanket, and food, and water, and even a box for him, use, you know for a bathroom.

Mom says that Bruno will hopefully find a new "fur-ever home" and that he will have nice people to take care of him. I hope so to. He seems nice and all, but I think Mom has gone a bit overboard with this whole bringing new kities home.

~ Socks

Oh, Blackie said that he wanted to tell his story tonight, but he is still mad at Mom so he will not come down from the bathroom...maybe tomorrow.

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Gemini said...

Oh Bruno you look very comfortable there. I hope you settle in nicely.