Friday, December 29, 2006

Bruno's day in the sun

Mom lets Bruno out on the porch most every day, to give him a break from the basement. Because of a little sick kitten, Brunos time in the basement is restricted for the time being. So, she has made a point to give some time out of his cage and in the sunshine. Bruno doesnt get along with us cats, so Mom cant even let him upstairs. He, unfortunately, appears to be a "one cat, house cat". I hope that he finds a good home soon.


...and the kittens

For the past few days Mom has been caring for two kittens. They are kinda sick, with a cold and eye infections. Mom doesnt have any pictures for that reason. One of the little ones, Clarence, went with his new Mom on Wednesday. But Jim, is still to sick, so instead of going to his new home, Mom took him to the vet instead. Hopefully, he will be doing better soon and can go meet up with Clarence.

Clarence, the larger of the two, went home with his new “Mom”. Clarence is a beautiful, solid black, approximately 6 month old kitten. He is cross-eyed…hence the name Clarence. (after Clarence the cross-eyed Lion) But little Jim (Mom had an idea for another name for him, but forgot it when she got todays migraine), became sick just before he was to be picked up, so Mom took him to the vet instead. He is now on anti-biotics and Mom said that he is doing a little better now. We will have him for a few more days, untill he is doing better. But because Jim is still not well and Mom can not bring him upstairs, and she has not had any instance to take pictures. Mom can not take any chances with us cats so the kitten has to be kept away from us. Mom says that we cant go down-stairs, though we try. She does go down to visit with Jim several times a day, to check on him and also to spend some “play-time” with him. He is about 6 to 9 weeks old and very playfull. I miss visiting the basement, but Mom says that she doesnt want us to get sick, so we cant go.

Mom says that she wants to get pictures of Jim, but he is to sick to come upstairs for his pictures. Maybe before he leaves she will get some pictures.
~ Socks

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I feel gipped!

Mom put up the Christmas Tree, and let the little humans help with some of the decorating. But when Mom was "blogging" this evening she found a site where their furr-bulous kitties got to help.

Go Check out what these two kitties got into. (Make sure your Humans arnt drinking anything, Mom had soda come out her nose)

~ Socks

Monday, December 18, 2006

Patches has a new home too!

Mom brought a little girl kitty in yesterday morning. I visited as usual and she seemed nice but a little scared. Yesterday afternoon, some nice people came and they took Patches with them. Mom said that they are her new Humans. I am so happy Mom can help kittys get new furr-ever homes. Mom says that "Christmas" is coming and that all good kitties need a nice home for "Christmas"

Mom really likes helping these kitties, she says that it is something speicial and that she was able to help us, so she wants to help other kitties too.

It is so hard to believe that it was only a year ago that Abby and Blackie came to live with us. Blackie loves the big HuMan. Abby loves Mom but is sometimes to scared and runs away when Mom is trying to help her.Mom says that is ok, and she thinks that Abby will one day come to her and let her nice her.

I am so happy that Patches has a furr-ever home. It makes Mom happy too, that is the greatest part!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh Mom?!?

yup she did it again...she brought home kittens. Thankfully they did stay. In fact, yesterday, mom brought the kittens and then a lady came and took one of them with her. This is a picture of the lady and her kitten.

Later yesterday, the 2 other kittens went "home" Mom said. Mom said that she was helping the kittens to find a new home. Mom is really nice. Blackie and Socks were not at all pleased about the kittens, but they are happy now. I just hid under the bed and watched what was going on.

~ Abby

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mom says that we have pictures again

Mom's friend fixed the picture thing, so we will be able to show pictures again

Friday, December 08, 2006


Mom brought MiMi a couple days ago. MiMi is really shy and is scared of other cats. Mom says it is probably because other cats hurt MiMi. MiMi has some cuts and scabs on her face, Mom says it makes her sad, because "MiMi is such a sweet girl".

But the great news is that MiMi will be going to her Fur-ever home in a few days! I am so happy for MiMi, even if she doesnt like to talk with us. Mom says that MiMi loves to have her photos taken. I guess she is right. I think she is pretty, she is a nice color, sort of a greyish brown.

Unfortunately, something hurt MiMi. She has all sorts of cuts and scabs on her head. Mom says that they will probably heal, though. Mom has so many good pictures of MiMi, I just cant pick which ones to put here.

~ Socks