Monday, December 18, 2006

Patches has a new home too!

Mom brought a little girl kitty in yesterday morning. I visited as usual and she seemed nice but a little scared. Yesterday afternoon, some nice people came and they took Patches with them. Mom said that they are her new Humans. I am so happy Mom can help kittys get new furr-ever homes. Mom says that "Christmas" is coming and that all good kitties need a nice home for "Christmas"

Mom really likes helping these kitties, she says that it is something speicial and that she was able to help us, so she wants to help other kitties too.

It is so hard to believe that it was only a year ago that Abby and Blackie came to live with us. Blackie loves the big HuMan. Abby loves Mom but is sometimes to scared and runs away when Mom is trying to help her.Mom says that is ok, and she thinks that Abby will one day come to her and let her nice her.

I am so happy that Patches has a furr-ever home. It makes Mom happy too, that is the greatest part!

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Gemini said...

Patches is a lovely cat and we are furry glad she has a furever home!