Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kitty Tree and Catster

Fur-st things fur-st.

Grand-Hu-Mom gave us (Abby, Blackie and I) and new CatTree for our new house. It is wonderful and I give it my seal of approval.
Mom couldnt help but put it together as soon as she could, and as usual, I oversaw the whole operation. It didnt take long and I was able to check it all out.

Blackie checked it out too, but he is so big he doesnt fit in the little house part, he does like to sleep on the top though. Abby checked it out too, but not while Mom was around. When Mom was here, Abby only went on the bottom...later though, I saw her sneak around to see what it was all about.

Now for Catster.

Mom found a new place for us to hang out. Abby, Blackie and I all have a little page just for us.

Click on our picture to see each of our pages.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Socks Seal of Approval

MC and Visa,

I just love the tree thingy that your HuMom gave to us! It is so very cool. I like to go to the very top and watch out the window. I can see so much from way up there. Blackie checked it out, but hasnt let Mom take a picture of him yet. Abby is napping on the very bottom, but I know how she loves to sleep up on the top of things, where she can watch everyone. It is only a matter of time till Mom catches her up there.

Well, we are really enjoying the new cat tree. Please tell your HuMom, thank you from all of us.

~ Socks

Monday, September 18, 2006


oh, I did not enjoy my trip to the Vet. She was nice and all, in the begining, but then she pulled out the needle thing. The first 2 didnt hurt, but then Mom said something about a "Micro-chip"...That didnt make me happy. IT HURT! Mom felt so bad though, she keeps coming to see if I am ok. I am tring to act mad...I dont want to let her off the hook quite yet.

Mom took Abby with me, to the Vet. It was nice to have her along and I wasnt so scared this time. I just snuggled up next to Abby and she purred. Abby is "Stressed out", the vet says. She is really worried about all the moving stuff, and the Vet says that she should be fine when the move thing is done. I just want to know were we are moving. Socks says it is a nice place with lots and lots of windows, but I will have to judge for myself.

Oh well, I guess that is all for now. Socks and Abby say "hi" to everyone.

~ Blackie

Friday, September 15, 2006

Blackie and Abby are going to the vet...

I heard Mom this afternoon, when she called the vet people. Blackie needs to have his shots (I really hate shots!) and Mom says that Abby has a "bald spot" on her tummy. Abby doesnt seem to mind, but I think Mom just wants to be sure that everything is ok. I am sure that Abby or Blackie will report on their trip tomorrow.

Other than that, Mom says that we only have a week till we move to the new house. I am being brave, but I think that Blackie and Abby are alittle afraid.

~ Socks

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So Quiet

The house is so quiet during the day now. The little humans are not here during the day, Mom says that they are in "school". I really like this school thing.

Mom has also been busy, she says that she is "moving". It is a little scary. Mom is moving all sorts of stuff, everything is going out and nothing is coming in, except for empty boxes. She took me one night to the "new house" for me to see and explore. I like the new smells and there is a room with lots and lots of windows. I liked to look out the windows, that was the best room. Mom says that we will be moving into the house in a week, I hope that Blackie and Abby like the "new house"

~ Socks