Monday, September 18, 2006


oh, I did not enjoy my trip to the Vet. She was nice and all, in the begining, but then she pulled out the needle thing. The first 2 didnt hurt, but then Mom said something about a "Micro-chip"...That didnt make me happy. IT HURT! Mom felt so bad though, she keeps coming to see if I am ok. I am tring to act mad...I dont want to let her off the hook quite yet.

Mom took Abby with me, to the Vet. It was nice to have her along and I wasnt so scared this time. I just snuggled up next to Abby and she purred. Abby is "Stressed out", the vet says. She is really worried about all the moving stuff, and the Vet says that she should be fine when the move thing is done. I just want to know were we are moving. Socks says it is a nice place with lots and lots of windows, but I will have to judge for myself.

Oh well, I guess that is all for now. Socks and Abby say "hi" to everyone.

~ Blackie


The Meezers said...

Blackie, fank you for letting us know about the chip fing - mommy wants to have us chipped. if it herts, i'm telling her we don't want it.

Gemini said...

Oh I don't want a chip either. That doens't sound good. I don't even like to be poked!

MC and Visa said...

Blackie, your cousin MC here ....tell Abby and Socks. You all will have a new, special piece of furr-niture when you get to your new house. I've been watchin' Mom tiping on her kom-puter and I saw pikatures of this thing, it looks sorta like the one we have. Mom calls it a kat-tree. Ours has a tree house on it. I sleep in it sometimes.

Relax until the mooove. From what I hear, your humom won't leave any of you behind. (and the new place may have more hidey-holes for mouses to hide! You may get in some good indoor hunting.)

Purrrrrs and chirpps,
your cousin MC

jan said...

Charming blog. Keep spreading the word on chips.