Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tammi Revisited

Poor Tammi, Mom thought for sure that Tammi had found her true home. Tammi had been in her home for almost 3 months, when the lady called to tell the shelter lady that Tammi wasnt fitting in. So the shelter lady got Tammi and brought her back to visit with us for a few days. Tammi remembered us and fit in so well. She will only be here for a couple days, before she goes to another foster, as Mom has too many of us under foot. It was nice to see Tammi again, she is growing up to be a nice cat

Mom has two sick kitties downstairs, so she isnt letting me or the other cats downstairs...well, ok, I have to admit, she isnt letting anyone downstairs because I have figured out how to escape past the humans to the outside when they are not looking. Mom says that I cant go downstairs for a least as long as the sick kitties are down there.

~ Socks

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Arrivals

This past weekend, Mom took all the stuff and "foster cats" to an Adoption Fair thing this past weekend. She took Dex, Oreo, Nikki, Layla and Missy. Missy was going to her new home. Mom said that Layla was going to another foster home, and she brought home Willy instead. Mom said that Willy has been adopted, he just needs to visit for a little while till his Furr-ever home people are able to take him home.



Mom had a bunch of cats come yesterday. Most went to other places, thank goodness, but three stayed. Mom says that 2 of them will have a home soon. So we now have


Garfield is a part Maine Coon, and he is very skinny. Mom says that he should be as big as Blackie, but when she weighted Garfield on the scale thing, it said that Garfield was only 9 pounds! Blackie is 17 pounds. Garfield already has a furr-ever home, and Mom says that he will be here only a few days.


Mom says Justin is a special kind of spotted cat called an Ocicat. I dont know though, Nikki has the same kinds of spots but she isnt "special". Maybe once I get to see him a little better I will see his special spots. Justin is a friendly guy. Mom let him come upstairs for his pictures. He loves attention, Mom got some good pictures.


Mike wasnt so happy when Mom was taking pictures, so she had to take his pictures when he was in his cage. Mom says that Mike had a difficult day and reminds us cats that we need to be nice the first couple days, no matter what the new cats have to say to us. Mike is a nice boy, just a little scared. He has wonderful swirly markings and a white tip to his tail. Mom hopes that he finds his home soon.