Friday, July 14, 2006

Hot in here

Oh boy, I do love my nice soft fur, but it is a little warm sometimes. I am really happy that Mom keeps the "AC" on. or else it would get really warm. I have taken to sleeping on the bathroom floor, where it is coolest, during the day. I only get to sleep on the Cat tree at night when it isnt so warm, unfortunately, Abby wants to sleep there too.

Oh well

~ Blackie

Monday, July 03, 2006

Its Official

I am sorry that we have not written in a bit, it has been just a tad hectic around here.

We have decided to take responsibility for Blackie. I would call it "Adopted" but he is still going to be listed on (second kitty down), but as far as we are concerned, he is ours. In September he will have been in the shelter for one year. Blackie has been with us for almost 8 months, and he has become one of us. So, for now, we have three kitties, and I will not be fostering any more cats. Maybe someday, when I have a larger place, I will be able to shelter more kitties. I will be working on the sidebars soon, and Blackie will join Abby and Socks, as one of the "Authors", so please look for his "posts".

~ Dawn