Thursday, April 27, 2006


In honor of this blogs first day on BlogAzoo...I want to say hello to everyone visiting. Abby, Blackie and I are happy that you stopped by, we hope that you enjoy your visit here.

A little about us...My name is Socks, I am a properly dressed Tux kitty. My Hu-Mom is wonderful and takes really good care of us. The Vet people told my Hu-Mom that I was FIV+, and I am now an inside kitty, though I would love to go outside and lay in the green grass and watch the birds.

Abby is a very shy kitty, but she loves to hang out with Blackie and I. Abby is also FIV+ but she is not sick or anything. She is warming to our Hu-Mom slowly, and is still not sure that she wants to get scritches.

Blackie is what our Hu-Mom calls a Foster-Kitty. Blackie to, is FIV+, Mom says that we are taking care of Blackie till a good forever home can be found for him. Mom is very concerned about kitties that have to live in cages, and would really love for all kitties could have a good home. Mom encourages those who can (or want to) to visit

Well, that pretty much covers everything. I hope that you have a nice visit, play with some fake mice, eat some catnip but please dont use the furnature as a scratching post (Mom really doesnt like that)

~ Socks

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Mom had the flu the other day. She was really sick and slept alot. I made sure that she was ok. everytime she went to the 'bathroom', I went with her, and when she went to lay down in bed I would snuggle up and make sure she was ok. I even got a little worried about her and woke her up with a little nip on the nose. She said that I was a really good "Nurse-Kitty". I am glad that I made Mom feel better.

~ Socks

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lap Kitty

I have been really nice to Mom lately. Today I decided to lay in her lap for a few minutes. I am trying to butter her up...maybe she will let me outside. Well, maybe not :(

~ Socks