Saturday, February 25, 2006

My 'New' Spot

Blackie stole my Loft...

and Abby stole my chair...

So, my new spot is above the cabinet in the bathroom, where neither of them can get to...

~ Socks

Thursday, February 16, 2006


My Hu-Mom says I give the best hugs...

~ Blackie

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the thing under the rug

My Hu-Mom loves to play this game with us called "the thing under the rug". It is really her arm, but it is fun, we get to attack the carpet, with all of our claws and teeth...and she doesnt mind!

Anyways, last night, Mom was playing "the thing under the rug", when the little boy human woke up and asked her to bring him something called a tissue. So, while Mom was away, I decided to to try to be the "thing under the rug". It was fun!

When Mom came back...she couldnt see me, but I think she guessed that I was under the rug, because she got the stringy thing out and started wiggling it by the edge of the rug. So I did my best to get it!

As you can see, Socks and Abby came to see what was going on. Abby played with my tail for a few, while Socks played with the stringy thing and even jumped om me....It was fun!

For a few minutes, I layed perfectly still...Mom pretended that she couldnt see me...I just waited to find something to pounce on...which ended up being Socks. I dont think he liked it though. After all that fun, I took a break and let Socks play...

I just love playing "thing under the rug", I hope that whoever adopts me likes to play "thing under the rug" too.

~ Blackie

(Blackie is a foster-kitty, living with Socks and Abby and their Humans. If you are interested in adopting Blackie and making him part of you family, please, leave a comment and I will talk with you about him. Please also consider adopting a kitty from your local shelter. If you have a home with and FIV+ kitty or are looking to adopt a kitty, please consider adopting and FIV+ Kitty. They are wonderful pets! For more info about FIV+ Cats there is information and links to even more.)

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Mom doesnt let me go outside anymore...I should remember not to trust her when she actually wants me to go out...

She let me out to see the white stuff...the ground was really cold!

I thought about jumping onto the snow...but I discovered, that wasnt such a good idea

Yuck! this snow stuff really isnt any fun at all...

Monday, February 06, 2006


Mom musta took this picture last night after the little humans fell asleep. I like to sleep in the little girl humans bed, and sneaky mom somehow got this picture without waking either of us. I thought I would share this as the little girl human says I always hog the bed...hog??? Anyways, as you can clearly see, I share very nicely.

Oh, I heard mom say that she was taking Abby to the VET...something is wrong with her teeth, mom says. I hope that Abby is ok.

~ Socks